flyin 1

 Fler foto från FlyIn under 2000-talet.


   Flightline 2001, bad weather around Europe, only a few made it through.

There was a FlyIn in 2002 although no-one had a camera available

so no photos.


        Hoganas Airfield with 2003 Flightline, 19 RVs visited.    



          Crews got a RV Calendar and a set of RV glass




Some pics from the 2003 FlyIn.  

    2004 FlyIn with good weather.    

2004 we celebrated the 10th Annual European International RV FlyIn at Hoganas. As usual there were visitors from many European countries.

To make this year special we had composed a special RV Calendar with pics from each year. Along with that everybody got a set of RV glass for their drinks.

The second year at Hoganas we had visitors from Finland coming in a Cherokee to take pictures and have rides in RVs. This year two of them came back in their RV6s.