flyin 2

French Colmar RV FlyIn 2005





French LaBaule RV FlyIn 2006



The weather was excellent in Labaule at the third French RV FlyIn June 4-6th. There were 37 RVs in all with, as usual mostly G-XXXXs. All RV types, but for RV3 and RV10 were represented. We were two Swedish RVs, -XMI and -XOM. We had a pleasant flight both to and from LaBaule, at the French west coast near Nantes.

Well organized - bar at the airfield! - good food, lots of old and new RV friends.

  Pleasant bar    Parking area and  Homebuilders hangar!

 at the airfield   three Italian RVs

German RV FlyIn at Damme, EDWC 2008

French RV FlyIn 2008 was cancelled due to a fatal accident at the airfield a few weeks before the FlyIn.


German RV FlyIn at Damme, EDWC 2009

We did not participate